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bulletAgape Center favorites
bulletHow much can a camel drink.
bullet25 gallons in 15 minutes.  That was before he went to AA.  Now he can go one day at a time without a drink.
bulletWhere the door swings three ways.
bullet"your past is like a rear-view mirror -- if you look at it too long you will crash"
bulletJim's Collection of Spiritual Sayings
bulletRecovery Buttons--AA Slogans, Acronyms and Symbols
bulletRecovery merchant.
bulletA Slogan A Day From Turning Leaf Press Slogans Collection
bulletAA slogans, sayings, and assorted inspirations
bulletFrom GLBT in Recovery in Minnesota
bulletAA Sayings
bulletFrom Sobriety & Recovery Resources
bulletRecovery Greetings - Favorite Slogans
bulletSend a free online greeting card with your slogan of choice.  From Recovery Greetings a 12 step merchant.

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