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November 2002

      This is our second edition of the Agape Center Newsletter.  If you would like to receive this letter on a monthly basis, please give your e-mail address to Carol. (this will be confidential information).  If you have any news for us, please e-mail  it to The Agape Center.com.

    Our Halloween Carnival for the Children was successful.  Everyone had a good time--especially the adults

    The Back-to-Basics Group will celebrate two birthdays this month--Sharon with two years and Jerry with one.  This will be an eating meeting, so bring your appetites.  The Downtown Group will celebrate two birthdays also--Jim, who did not get to celebrate last month and Carol.  This Group will serve
cake.   Happy Hour has no birthdays and Fountain City has one--Mike with eleven years.  This, too, will be an eating meeting.

    Please pick up one of the flyers explaining the purpose of the Agape Center and one with the Code of Conduct and pass them on to a friend.

        The Downtown Group is still studying the stories in the back of the Big Book-Fourth Edition on Sunday nights, Happy Hour has Joe and Charlie tapes on Monday and a candlelight meeting on Friday nights.  The noon meeting still has a Step meeting on Wednesdays and a Big Book study on Friday
conducted by Kelly.  If your Group has special study meetings, please let us know so that we can list them.

    At the first of the year, dues will be increased from $7.50 per month to $10 per month.  Annual dues will increase from $75 to $100.  These increases are in effect now if you are paying dues for 2003.

    Donít forget to check our Website for special meetings--Michael is our Webmaster and Tony is our photographer.