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bulletAcademy of Medicine, Singapore - Singapore (SG)
bulletAssociation of Orthodontists - Singapore - Singapore (SG)
bullet Association of Professional Substance Abuse Counsellors (APSAC)
bullet Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore
bullet Community Addiction Management Programme (CAMP)
bulletDisabled People's Association of Singapore (DPA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletDonorWeb  Blood Donation
bulletDown Syndrome Association (DSA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletEpilepsy Care Group Singapore (ECGS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletHaemophilia Society of Singapore (HSS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletHeadache Society of Singapore (HSS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletHealth Promotion Board (HPB) - Singapore (SG)
bulletHealth Sciences Authority (HSA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletHome Nursing Foundation (HNF) - Singapore (SG)
bulletKidney Dialysis Foundation Singapore - Singapore (SG)
bullet Ministry of Health (MOH) - Health Professionals Portal
bullet Multi-Organ Donation Development - National Kidney Foundation Singapore
bulletMuslim Kidney Action Committee (MKAC) Sinapore
bullet Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Singapore
bullet National Council Against Drug Abuse
bullet National Healthcare Group (NHG) - Singapore (SG)
bullet National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign (NHLC) - Singapore (SG)
bullet National Kidney Foundation of Singapore (NKFS) - Singapore (SG)
bullet National First Aid Council (NFAC) - Singapore (SG)
bulletPain Association of Singapore (PAS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletPharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS)  - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore - Alcoholics Anonymous
bullet Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA)
bullet Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Cancer Syndicate (SCS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Cardiac Society (SCS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Chinese Physicians' Association (SCPA)  - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Dental Association (SDA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Dental Council (SDC) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Dental Health Foundation (SDHF) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Epilepsy Foundation (SEF) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Medical Association (SMA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Medical Council (SMC) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore National Heart Association (SNHA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Nursing Board (SNB) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA)
bulletSingapore Pharmacy Board (SPB) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Psychiatric Association (SPA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Radiological Society (SRS) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Red Cross Society - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Urological Association (SUA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingapore Veterinary Association (SVA) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSingHealth - one of the 2 public healthcare clusters - Singapore (SG)
bulletSociety for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of Singapore (SCCPS)
bulletSociety for Continence (Singapore) - Singapore (SG)
bulletSociety for Emergency Medicine in Singapore (SEMS)
bulletSpecialists Accreditation Board (SAB) - Ministry of Health, Singapore
bulletTouch Community Services - non-profit voluntary welfare organization

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