Rehabilitation Center in The Bronx

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center

1500 Waters Pl, The Bronx, NY 10461
(718) 409-9450

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center is located at 1500 Waters Place, Bronx, and is a facility for treating many addictions like Substance abuse treatment, Alcohol addiction treatment, and more.

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center
Bronx Addiction Treatment Center

You can be sure that you can trust this because, for many reasons, one of such key reasons is that this rehabilitation center is under the direct governing authority of NYS OASAS along with BATC (Bureau of Addiction Treatment Center) and other bodies. This essentially means that the specialized programs which are being facilitated by this center are directly overlooked by them and ensures that they are up to the clinical and ethical standards.

Specialized in offering treatment for LGBT, Spanish Monoliguals, Domestic violence, and Mental health disorders

This Addiction center has 38 beds, and it is well known for its cultural competence and evidence-backed programs. Which are both key elements to provide a safe and pleasant environment which invokes rehabilitation naturally.

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center provides all basic and general health care needs while still taking all the special cases and conditions into account. This means while you are still getting a general treatment, it will be personalized to your psychological, social, and physical needs.

As I mentioned above, apart from general treatments there are several programs which this Rehab center specializes in, like

Family and Women Program

In this program, the key priority is given to address all the needs of women and families.

This also focuses on personal improvement aspects like self-esteem, how to form and deal with healthy relationships and empowerment, and awareness of women’s rights.

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center Rehab
Bronx Addiction Treatment Center Rehab


This also comes with a special women’s retreat conducted annually.
Also has a dedicated family education group which is conducted weekly.

Therapeutic Recreation

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center believes in recreational activities as a form to create a positive and enriching atmosphere that promotes both personal and community growth.

So this detox center located in New York NY offers leisure and recreational activities that act as a replacement for your addiction lifestyle.

Some of the activities offered by this Bronx rehab center are

  • Aerobics
  • Tai Chi
  • Board games
  • Tournaments
  • Also some field trips

Their Treatment Philosophy

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center’s main goal is to encourage the development of a firm foundation with good morals and bringing awareness about the destructive and adverse effects caused by the abuse of alcohol, heroin, and other harmful substances.

Jacobi Medical Center Chemical Dependency Detox

Jacobi Medical Center Chemical Dependency Bronx Detox
Jacobi Medical Center Chemical Dependency Bronx Detox

1400 Pelham Parkway South
The Bronx, NY – 10461
(718) 918-4465

Jacobi Medical Center Chemical Dependency Detox is a rehabilitation center in Bronx NY located in Pelham Parkway. This Detox center offers outpatient as well as inpatient diagnosis and treatment for people who identify themselves with alcohol or substance additions.

Apart from being a very well known detox center, Jacobi Detox is also known for its mental health diagnosis and other specialized programs. Which involve science and facts based treatment regiments, professional counseling, and group therapy.

You can always count on their best in class medical care and state of the art equipment and resources. Jacobi Medical Detox Center has many of the recognized and well-reputed physicians in their respective fields and specialization.

Another quality check for this Bronx addiction center comes from The Joint Commission or also formerly known as JCAHO. The Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization founded in 1951, accredits addiction and rehab facilities along with the programs they practice. And Jacobi Detox Center has a TJC Accreditation.

Along with JCA, this Bronx Addiction treatment center has approvals from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, State Substance Abuse Agency, and the State Department of Health.

Treatment Types

As I have mentioned above this center has both Inpatient and Outpatient facilities along with Intensive treatments. Through various methods such as Cognitive therapy and approaches like counseling, they try to help in problems such as Detoxification and Substance abuse.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center

One of the programs this treatment center offers is a Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center or a CATC for short. This involves a complete medical and psychiatric evaluation to better tackle the problem of recurring psychiatric illness.

Patients also receive chemical dependency treatment with individual and group therapy conducted daily.

Morris Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Morris Park Rehabilitation Center Rooms
Morris Park Rehabilitation Center Rooms

1235 Pelham Pkwy N
The Bronx, NY 10469
(718) 231-4300

Morris Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Reviews

  • Most of the reviews from long term patients were that they enjoyed the time they spent in the facility. They also remarked that they were grateful for the help they received in rediscovering themselves.
  • There were many positive comments about the staff and therapists, many mentioned how hard the situation became the staff was always there to hold their hands during the struggle.
  • There are recurring shoutouts to the head physicians and nurses who directly tended to the patients’ problems without fail.
  • Most of the family members reflect on their time in Morris Park Rehab and mention that the positive culture and the sense of community played a great part in the rehabilitation.
  • Patients found that every dietary preference of theirs is taken into account and A Vegetarian patient confirmed that the meals were up to date and the service is very well catered.
Morris Park Rehabilitation Park
Morris Park Rehabilitation Park
  • The management is praised for keeping the facility clean and hygienic at all times of the day.
  • The group therapy sessions are conducted every week without fail and every patient is encouraged to take part in them for developing empathy and a deep understanding of each other’s problems.
  • Many mentioned these therapy sessions became a haven for sharing their problems and perspectives without judgment.
  • Physical therapy is often mentioned as one of the fortes in this facility and remarked as ‘instrumental’ in the recovery process.
  • Patients mentioned a few incidents when there were issues regarding construction and remodeling of the facility which made it difficult to sleep and relax.
  • Patients also recollect some incidents when the complaints are not met with the expected reception.

Arms Acres

Arms Acres Treatment Center
Arms Acres Treatment Center

3584 Jerome Ave
The Bronx, NY 10467
(718) 653-1537

Arms Acres is a private-owned addiction treatment center in Jerome Avenue. This Bronx rehabilitation center offers treatment services for individuals who identify with alcohol dependency and drug addiction. Along with that, there is also an effective counseling session provided for families in which there are people with the above-stated problems.

It’s a well-known truth that addicts are not the only one who suffers from the addiction but also the people who are close to them. So Arms Acres Detox understands this truth very well. They try hard to make this, an already rough problem, a lot smoother to handle and get better for the person who is suffering from the addiction and also their family.

One thing you come across while reading Arms Acres Reviews is that the staff are really nice and very good at what they do. This treatment and rehab center features both inpatient and outpatient detoxification programs and provides a lot of flexibility for the patients.

The staff includes well-trained physicians and psychiatrists with a lot of experience backing them in what they do. The fact that all the treatments and regimens are certified by substance abuse counselors and accredited by many nonprofit/governmental bodies. So you can always be assured that you will be receiving the best-in-class care.

Treatment specialisations

  • Anger and stress management
  • Art therapy
  • Medical Assisted Therapy or MAT with Suboxone and Vivitrol
  • recreational therapy which includes an addiction lifestyle change for maintaining the results of rehab
  • Utmost care taken for the prevention of a relapse
  • For being as flexible as possible this center also offers Evenings, Weekdays, and Weekend programs for your convenience

This Bronx rehab center also keeps all your records private and confidential if you have a military background or request to have the privacy.

Arms Acres Reviews

  • Most of the reviews praised the treatment center for its calm and pleasant atmosphere and that it played a big part in their recovery process.
  • While there were slight inconsistencies in things involving other clients, the management is quick enough to resolve them at a moment’s notice.
  • Many family members and relatives remark that the patients came out of the rehab center much more motivated and showed more interest in community events.
  • There were instances where the staff members put more effort into their jobs in getting the care patient deserved. Special shoutouts were mentioned in the reviews of the facilities.
  • Some of the reviews complained about the telephone reception and sometimes no handling of the phone calls.
  • Patients said there were some situations of lack of medication and other primary needs during the early periods of quarantine.
  • Some patients also negatively remarked the restrictions placed around bringing in a service pet into the facility.

Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

2175 Quarry Rd
The Bronx, NY
(718) 960-3900

Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is accredited by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Bronx Gardens Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Reviews

  • Many praised the measures which are put in action for ensuring patients’ safety and security. One of the main things is that the visitors are always monitored and the staff always confirm if the patient knows the visitor or not.
  • Most of the patients remarked that staff and physicians are very competent and experienced at what they do.
  • Although there were some instances where visitors(family members) have not received the best reception from staff, there were no complaints regarding the physicians and nurses.
  • Family members of patients compliment the reception staff for following through the calls and even calling back for updating on the situations which are oftentimes ignored.
  • About the cleanliness of the place, most of the remarks were detailing how the facility is hygiene at any time of the day but some people were not satisfied with the cleanliness condition of this rehab center.
  • People also appreciate everyday morning checks which showed how much the staff cared about their patients. And also that patients always felt at home and comfortable with the atmosphere.
Bronx Gardens Rehab Center
Bronx Gardens Rehab Center
  • People remembered that there were a few incidents where the clothes are all mixed. One person mentioned that this was a recurring problem that kept repeating even after bringing it to the attention of the management.
  • One of the reviewers claimed that patients’ sheets and other fabrics are not changed regularly enough. And that the said issue caused the patient to contract a contagious skin infection.
  • Some people also said that complaints are often put on a deaf ear and management is too late to take any action regarding the problems.

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Beth Abraham Rehabilitation Center Bronx
Beth Abraham Rehabilitation Center Bronx

612 Allerton Ave
The Bronx, NY
(718) 519-4125

Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Reviews

  • Family Members of patients appreciated that their loved ones are good care and they also mentioned that the rooms are spacious and clean on any day of the week.
  • It is often mentioned that the management is very careful and responsive intending to the patients. The same level of concern is also put in to address any inconvenience faced by the patients.
  • One of the notable things which were mentioned in the reviews is that every staff member knows every patient in the residence which goes to show the priorities of the working staff.
  • Family members also respect that new renovations are being made despite everything that’s been going on.
  • This facility also seemed to have dealt with the whole Pandemic situation very well and kept the families of patients always updated with the situation.
  • It is frequently mentioned that the staff takes the utmost dedication and pride in the way that they treat their patients.
  • Many of the patient’s families thanked Beth Abraham Rehab center that they are the reason they could sleep peacefully at night, having known that their loved ones are in good care.
Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation Bronx
Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation Bronx
  • People also gave compliments about how good the corridors and rooms looked and one person also said that Beth Abraham Center is fit for being a 5-star hotel.
  • Many found that visitations are very easy and the dedicated parking was a godsend, especially in such a busy place.
  • The food is also praised for its quality and taste. Personal preferences are also taken into consideration for the preparation of meals.
  • Few customers thanked the finance office for helping in the process of the patient’s Medicaid approval.
  • Although it wasn’t confirmed how many received the offer, few visitors received free UBER rides.
  • There were few angry reviews about how people didn’t get enough time with recreational activities and other games.