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The Best Cantaloupe That Ever Lived

Joslynn's Melon 2014

Joslynn’s Melon 2014

Joslynn wanted to grow cantaloupes this summer.  So she did.  When she sliced into it she declared that is the best cantaloupe she’s ever had.  I completely agree.  See the recipe below.

The Best Cantaloupe Ever

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print
  • Cantaloupe Seed
  • Dirt
  • Sunshine
  • Water


  • Plant in late May (in Colorado)
  • Water daily if nature doesn’t do it for you
  • Let ripen on the vine for sweetest results
  • Harvest late August - don’t worry if they look a little gnarly on the outside - it’s organic and that happens.
  • Chill then slice this gem up! Scrape the inside & add to the compost bin, then devour.
  • Start all over next spring.  You’ll be dreaming of it during the winter.  

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