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Delicious Chipped Beef on Toast

……or SOS  (blank on a shingle)

Yes, that’s really the name.  Blame the army.  My dad served in WWII and he had this a - LOT.  It was one of the first things I learned to make in the kitchen on my very own, and I was pretty young - around 8 or 10, I guess.  My dad also let me say the authentic name of this dish - and when he would tell me what he wanted for dinner, and if it was SOS, you can imagine my delight in that I got to run through the house shouting, “Mom!  We’re having Shi* On a Shingle tonight!”  The clean version is Chipped Beef on Toast

Chipped Beef on Swedish Toast

Chipped Beef on Swedish Toast

And it’s good, I mean really really good.

You don’t even need a recipe.  Just make a batch of Classic Béchamel sauce, chop up some chipped beef and combine.  Add a sprinkle of pepper and serve on a warm piece of toast!  A hint - if you don’t have the chipped beef on hand, but have some eggs, boil those up, peel, and slice thickly.  Add these to the sauce.  It’s great believe it or not!  So note to self:  when you have barely any food in the frig but you do have stray ingredients of flour, butter, milk, bread and eggs, then whip this up.  It’s yummy, it’s filling and it’s cheap.  Not something I would eat every day - but definitely an SOS treat.

Cheers and huge thanks to George for the cameo!



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