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Golden Brown Parmesan Toasts

Otherwise known as a “Cuppa Cuppa”.

Parmesan Toasts

Parmesan Toasts

This is the perfect nibble for that happy hour guest.

Years ago, more than a decade probably - Kristen introduced me to the ‘Cuppa Cuppa’. This is Kristen’s addicting nosh to be savored with a frosty bottle of beer or a chilled glass of white wine.  I can’t remember if it was at a wedding or a reunion, but she whipped these up and I probably ate 1/2 a dozen of them.  Kristen was telling me the recipe and repeated it a few times when she thought of a memory trick and said “it’s a cuppa, a cuppa, a cuppa”.  That stuck.  Plus, she made me laugh when she said it.

Back at home, no list needed for me at the grocery store…I just saunter in the market, think of Kristen’s ‘cuppa, cuppa, cuppa’  and I’m out the door all easy breezy and ready to whip these up in the next 10 minutes.  This is one appetizer I will never forget thanks to her, and it’s a major player in my happy hour bag of tricks.

I make a quadruple batch - and freeze most of them for that occasion when someone stops by for whatever reason.  From freezer to oven these are bubbly & golden brown in 15 min.   A delectable nibble for our drinks.  So, so simple.  These are in my freezer right now.  The hard part is to resist baking them up without a guest here as an excuse.

You don’t need a printable recipe for this.  Just think “a cuppa, cuppa, cuppa”.  One cup of grated parmesan, one cup of regular mayonnaise (not miracle whip), and one cup of chopped green onion.  Grab a bag of english muffins or a french baguette and get back to your kitchen.  Mix the parm, mayo & green onion.  If you’re so inclined, only use the white ends of the green onion to make your appetizers mostly white.  Tre’ elegant.  I use the whole thing, but that’s me.  Top each muffin with 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of the mixture and bake at 375 for 10 minutes until golden brown.  Slice into quarters and serve.  If you use a baguette, slice into 1/2 in pieces, top with 2 teaspoons with the mixture and bake.   If you want to freeze ahead, line a foil lined baking sheet with the english muffins, top each half with 1 1/2 to 1 tablespoons of the mixture and flash freeze until hard.  Then stack in a freezer baggie and place back in the freezer for when they’re needed.  Simply bake up and serve.  No one will ever know they were frozen.  Guild the lilly?  Maybe add chopped crab meat to the mixture….whoa, that would be incredible.

Cheers to Kristen and the ‘cuppa, cuppa, cuppa’!!

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