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Floating Cranberries Candle

Bar Buffet

Bar Buffet

How about a simple and elegant candle idea for your holiday table, buffet or kitchen counter?  Get yourself a bag of fresh cranberries and a floating candle.  Rummage around in your cupboards for a tall slim vase, blow the dust out of it and fill it with cold water.  Add some cranberries and your candle and voila! Instant gorgeousness.  You can also add a burlap ribbon at the bottom or rosemary, sage, or fresh bay leaves for color.  Go crazy!  Although something about the letting the cranberries stand on their own appeals to me.  These candles last several days if your cranberries are fresh.  The water will start to turn a bit pink, and if the berries are still doing OK, then just drain the water and add fresh.  You’ll probably get another day or two out of it.  I usually buy spare candles because I burn mine pretty much all day long.  My theory is if you have a candle, then light it - that’s what it’s for! It makes me feel cheery.

So cheers!

Cranberries Floating Candle

Cranberries Floating Candle

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  1. This is a great idea, Sara! I’ll make a few of these for my book club holiday dinner party this year. I even have sage and rosemary on hand to add some green. Sweet!


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