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Simple and Delicious Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest

Cranberries Cooking

Cranberries Cooking

This is one of those Thanksgiving dishes you can make several days in advance, tuck it away in your refrigerator and forget about it until you’re carving up the turkey.  Serve in a beautiful little bowl and it will be irresistible.

All you need is a bag of fresh cranberries, a small sauce pot, one orange, a cinnamon stick or two, a few tablespoons of honey and maybe a splash of water depending how thick you like your cranberry sauce.  Combine all in a small sauce pot.  I zest some peel of the orange as you can see and squeeze the orange to get every drop of juice.  I like to add a tiny bit of water.  Bring up to a low boil and you’ll hear those little cuties start to pop.  It’s a delightful sound.  Just as you think they are done popping, remove from heat and mush it a bit with a wooden spoon.  The berries start to break apart and right before your eyes incredible cranberry sauce comes together.  I don’t stir mine into oblivion, I like a chunk of cranberry here and there.  Taste for sweetness and add some more honey if you like.  Just remember, this isn’t a candy sauce, it’s supposed to be tart…but not too tart.  Remove the orange halves and the cinnamon sticks and jar it up!  Couldn’t be easier.


Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest

Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest


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