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Korean Beef Stir-Fry with Rice & Veggies

This is a fabulous Korean Beef.

Korean Beef Stirfry plate

Korean Beef Stirfry plate

It’s a simple thin sliced sirloin, marinated in a glorious Korean mixure, then grilled in a hot cast iron skillet on the cooktop.  Served with steamed rice and some stir-fried veggies of your choice…it’s a delicious meal.

This is not something you google and can make in 20 minutes.  Just being honest.  This is something you google, realize you can’t make it in 20 minutes, but think to yourself ‘I’m making that on Friday, or next weekend.”  Don’t be deterred.  This marinade is something you need in your life.  It penetrates the meat and makes something incredible.

I found an AMAZING recipe for this Korean marinade when I saw Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.  The show was featuring a Korean Philly Cheese Steak Eggroll.  I was hooked.  I tripled the batch of marinade and tucked the extra into the back of my refrigerator.  I’ve used the extra to make steaks, stir-fry’s, and grilled chicken breasts.  I ran out and made it all over again.  I pulled this last batch out a few weeks ago to make this Korean Beef stir-fry.  I decided to post this tonight because we had it AGAIN to marinate our flank steak.  My hubs said 3 times, “the steak was incredible.”

I make no claims on the results…it’s it positively, 100% the Korean marinade.  One ingredient of the recipe takes time (it’s the caramelized onions)  - but if you can carve out an hour of your life for this part - then the rest comes together in no time.  You’ll be glad you made the effort.  It’s gold.

Link to the Korean Marinade (the initial step of the Philly Cheese Steak Eggrolls).

Place your meat of choice into a large zip lock baggie, coat with 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of the marinade depending on the size or ounces of the meat.  Let sit at least one hour or overnight (which is best).  Grill and let rest before slicing.  Garnish with sliced green onion and some sesame seeds if you have them.  Serve with salad or stir fry veggies, salad or pasta….whatever you have on hand.


Korean Beef Stirfry

Korean Beef Stirfry

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