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Easy Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

When Boston Cream Pie and cupcakes come together - all is well in my little world.  What an easy way to elevate a plain vanilla cupcake.  Take 2 extra steps by filling it with pudding and smearing on some ganache.  You’ll be glad you did.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

There are scratch recipes out there but I didn’t have time for that.  I wanted this cupcake and I wanted it fast.  I had a box of vanilla cake mix on hand, a box of instant vanilla pudding, some dark chocolate chips and a bit of cream.  That’s all it takes!

Bake the cupcakes according to the box direction.  Make the pudding according the box directions.  When the cupcakes come out of the oven, while they’re warm, pipe some pudding straight into it.  I have a pastry bag with a long tip to do the job quickly and easily, but you could cut out a small hole in the top and fill it that way, too.

Let them rest and make the super simple ganache.  There are other recipes, but this is the quick & easy version. Place 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in a small bowl.  Carefully microwave 1/4 cup of cream until hot but not boiling, then pour over the chips and stir to combine.  At first it’s grainy and grey, you’ll think you did something wrong….but keep stirring…it will come together to make this silky, smooth, dark & shiny glorious frosting.  Frost your cupcakes then stand back to marvel at these beauties considering how simple they were to make.  Very, very yummy!!


Boston Cream Pie Cupcake sliced

Boston Cream Pie Cupcake sliced

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