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Ice Age Yukon and Alaskan Camels – Yukon Beringia
Interpretive Centre

Camelops hesternus

– American camel.  Short description from the
American Museum of Natural History

1Up Info camel (Vertebrate Zoology) – Encyclopedia
AllCamels.com   – “The Comprehensive Camel Resource
Amazing Camels
Offers camel gifts, and collectibles from manufacturers
worldwide.  Online shopping or order from printed
A to Z of Camels  Basic camel facts.
Australian outback camel safaris and industry
Bactrian Camel
– Basic information from camels-camels.com
Butterfly's Museum of Camels and Dromedaries
Camel Expeditions
– Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Western Australia
Camelo Fatago
– Information about camels.

Camel Information

Basic information from
Planet Pets (www.planet-pets.com)

Camel Kountry Exotic Animals and Birds
Camel Park
Mazotos, Larnaca – Cyprus
Camel Pictures and Facts
– Joshua Fall
Camel Productions

 musical group, internationally known as Camel.

Camel Rides & Treks at The Calamunnda Camel Farm &
Tea Rooms
Camel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Camels…the ships of the desert

Basic camel information from
The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and
Research (ECSSR)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dromedary Camel

Basic information from camels-camels.com

Dromedary Camel

Information from the
Oakland Zoo

Lulu, Queen of the Camels

The Atlantic Magazine article October 1999. by
Cullen Murphy

MSN Learning & Research – Camel

Encyclopedia Article from Encarta

NPR Sahara Trek
  1,500-mile trek across an ancient and deadly slave
route in Africa's Sahara desert.
Nevada Camel Company
– Stagecoach, NV
Oasis Camel Dairy
Camel milk (yummy).  Camel rides.  Camel soap.
Ooze Online- Camel Jockey Trade
Outback Camel Treks & Expeditions
– Australia
The Stables Yanchep
– Horse riding, camel riding and farm stay accommodation in
Perth, Western Australia.
Texas Camel Corps
U.S. Camel Corps  History and information.

Vanishing Species Wildlife – Dromedary Camel

Wild Camel Protection Foundation (WCPF)

Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump: you may be freeing
him from being a camel.

/ Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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