Australian Capital Territory Health Associations & Organizations

Australian Capital Territory



ACT Community Care Government
ACT Community Care – Alcohol and Other Drug Services Government
Australian Capital Territory Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS)
ACT Emergency Services Bureau Government
ACT Health & Community Care Library
ACT Mental Health Services Government
ACT Right to Life Association
A.C.T. Volunteer Brigades’ Association Volunteer Bushfire Fighters and Emergency Service personnel
Aged and Community Services Association of NSW & ACT
Diabetes Australia – Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Directions ACT  Alcohol & Drug Organization
Department of Health and Community Care Government
Guide Dog Association of New South Wales and A.C.T.
Health Professions Boards  Government
Medical Board (the Board) of the Australian Capital Territory
MS Society of the ACT
Nurses Board (the Board) of the Australian Capital Territory
Royal Blind Society (RBS)
RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT
St John Ambulance ACT

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Australian Capital Territory Government

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