Welcome to A Food Lover’s Life!

You might be here for recipes, or gardening ideas & tips, maybe sourdough tutorials, or how to make your own kombucha.  We’re glad you popped in! 

We’re Chris & Sara - a garden to table team, each passionate about our own contribution and commitment to making our lives healthier and happier - together.  

Sara has navigated a lifetime of cooking and baking both at home and in professional kitchens. Scratch cooking and baking was taught by parents who were raised in the Great Depression and self-sufficiency and frugality was a way of life. Everything was homemade.  Sara has received formal training in various culinary classes and courses, an internship, then worked in the food industry for 5 years before becoming an RN. Cooking and baking daily over the years has expanded her knowledge of regional and international cuisine, preserving, fermenting, wild yeast, and brewing.

Chris provides all the fresh produce for A Food Lover’s Life.  What started out as a small garden space turned into a raised bed, then 2, then 4 and now 10 years later he gardens 2000 square feet of growing space. With building a greenhouse in 2019, he now gardens year-round providing fresh produce and a market garden just steps from the back door. He provides food for his family, friends, and those need. 

We hope that gives you a little window into our little corner of the world, the values we share, and our commitment to growing and seasonal eating.

We want to provide you with encouragement for growing your own food, and inspiration for cooking and baking.  Please take a look around and stop by often. If you have questions or comments please let us know!

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Chris & Sara