Sourdough Resources

Sourdough bread people are cool. Really chill, usually - and friendly as heck. They’ll share tips and techniques and their secrets because they want others to succeed. If you have any questions on your bakes, or if you’re new, or have a suggestion - PLEASE send a note or an email. Look me up on Instagram and tag #afoodloverslife and I’ll see it and/or DM me. I’d love to see your bakes!

My Resources (in no particular order)

The Perfect Loaf - Maurizio 

Mark Bittman 

Ken Forkish

Hydration & Baker’s Percentage Calculator

Tartine - Chad Richardson 

Cooking Ireland - Patrick’s Master Class 

Artisan Bread

Joshua Weissman

The Fond Life - Rachel 

Bake With Jack

Tim Passmore

The Fresh Loaf - bread community

King Arthur Flour



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