Departments of Motor Vehicles

Departments of Motor Vehicles

DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
A commercial directory of state DMV web sites with guide to Department of Motor Vehicle services including driving records, VIN numbers, registration, licenses, and forms.

DMV’s on Yahoo

Alabama Department of Public Safety
Alabama Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicles
Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles
Arizona DOT – Motor Vehicle Division – DMV
California Department of Motor Vehicles
Colorado Motor Vehicle Division
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety
Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles
Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services
Missouri Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing
Montana Department of Justice – Motor Vehicle Division
Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
New Jersey Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Services
New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department – Motor Vehicle Division
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
North Carolina DOT, Division of Motor Vehicles
North Dakota Drivers License and Traffic Safety Division
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Oklahoma DPS Drivers License Service
Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services
Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles
South Carolina DPS – Division of Motor Vehicles
South Dakota DOT – Vehicle Information
South Dakota Office of Driver Licensing
South Dakota Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicles
Tennessee Department of Safety – Motor Vehicle Services
Utah Division of Motor Vehicles – DMV
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles

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Departments of Transportation

Departments of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation

Yahoo – State Departments of Transportation Directory listing of US State sites.

Alabama Department of Transportation
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Arizona Department of Transportation
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
California Department of Transportation
Colorado Department of Transportation
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Delaware Department of Transportation
Florida Department of Transportation
Georgia Department of Transportation
Hawaii – Department of Transportation
Illinois Department of Transportation
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Maine Department of Transportation
Maryland Department of Transportation
Minnesota ?
Mississippi Department of Transportation
Missouri Department of Transportation
Montana Department of Transportation
Nevada Department Of Transportation
New Hampshire Department of Transportation
New Jersey Department of Transportation
New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department
New York City Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Transportation
North Carolina Department Of Transportation
North Dakota Department of Transportation
Ohio Department of Transportation
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
South Carolina Department of Transportation
South Dakota Department of Transportation
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Texas Department of Transportation
Utah Department of Transportation
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Virginia Department of Transportation
Washington State Department of Transportation
West Virginia Department of Transportation
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Wyoming Department of Transportation


Lawyers & Laws – Drunk Driving (DUI or DWI)

Laws & Lawyers Drunk Driving DUI DWI

LookSmart – Drunk Driving Products and Services

Google Directory United States DUI Lawyers and Law Firms

Google DUI Lawyers & Law Firms
North Carolina
South Carolina
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
“A Nationwide DUI DWI law, Drunk Driving Lawyers and Attorneys Legal Site”
Health Hippo
“a collection of policy and regulatory materials related to health care, with some graphics sprinkled in”


Law Office of Brannan & Guy, P.C.  Attorney
Family law, personal injury, DUI, employment and civil rights law.  Montgomery, Alabama.
The Mallette Law Firm
DUI lawyers.  Mobile, AL
Price Law Firm, P.C. – North Alabama DUI Defense Team
Huntsville, Alabama.


Law Office of David Alan Darby
DUI lawyer.  Tucson, Arizona
Theodore A. Agnick, PLC, Attorney at Law
DUI lawyer.  Maricopa, Pinal, Gila and Yavapai counties, Arizona.



California DUI – A Drunk Driving Law Guide

Hutton & Wilson – Century City & Pasadena CA


The Chestney-Hawkins Law Firm
DUI – Atlanta, Georgia
The Law Office of William C. Head
DUI – Atlanta, Georgia
Law Office of Ricardo G. Samper
DUI and criminal law – LaGrange, Georgia
Guy Sharpe – Trial Lawyer – DUI
Marietta, Georgia
Law Firm of Donald C Turner and Associates PC
DUI – Roswell, Georgia
E.H. Young – Georgia DUI Attorney
Augusta, Georgia


Alabama State Bar
Alaska State Bar
Arizona – State Bar of Arizona
Arkansas Bar Association
California – State Bar of California
Colorado Bar Association
Connecticut Bar Association
Delaware Bar Association
District of Columbia Bar Association
Florida – The Florida Bar
Georgia – The State Bar of Georgia
Hawaii State Bar Association
Idaho State Bar and Idaho Law Foundation, Inc.
Illinois State Bar Association
Indiana State Bar Association
Iowa State Bar Association
Kansas Bar Association
Kentucky Bar Association
Louisiana Bar Association
Maine State Bar Association
Maryland State Bar Association
Massachusetts Bar Association
Michigan – The State Bar of Michigan
Minnesota State Bar Association
Mississippi Bar Association
Missouri Bar Association
Montana State Bar
Nebraska State Bar Association
Nevada State Bar
New Hampshire Bar Association
New Jersey State Bar Association
New Mexico – State Bar of New Mexico
New York State Bar Association
North Carolina Bar Association
North Dakota – State Bar Association of North Dakota  
Ohio State Bar
Oklahoma State Bar
Oregon State Bar
Pennsylvania Bar Association
Rhode Island Bar Association
South Carolina Bar
South Dakota – State Bar of South Dakota
Texas – State Bar of Texas
Tennessee Bar Association
Utah State Bar
Vermont Bar Association
Virginia State Bar Association
Washington State Bar Association
West Virginia State Bar
Wisconsin – State Bar of Wisconsin
Wyoming State Bar
Other Bar Associations
The Federal Bar Association
Legal Educational and Informational Links
New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Drunk Driving on Google LookSmart Yahoo

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Unofficial Directory

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
MADD on Yahoo  ODP  Google  MSN

Mothers Against Drunk Driving – MADD
Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Canada


Anchorage, Alaska Chapter of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)


Arizona MADD
Madd Phoenix Metro Chapter


Arkansas MADD


MADD California
MADD Antelope Valley, California
MADD  Los Angeles, California
MADD Orange County, California
Madd Riverside County, California
MADD San Diego, California


Broward County, Florida – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Hillsborough County, Florida  MADD
Okaloosa County, Florida – MADD


MADD – Hawaii


Fulton County, Illinois – MADD
Illinois MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
State site
McHenry County, Illinois – M.A.D.D.
Mclean County Illinois – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mercer County, Illinois – MADD
South Cook County, Illinois – MADD


Howard County Maryland – MADD


Minnesota State Office – Mothers Against Drunk Driving – MADD

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chapter – Mothers Against Drunk Driving

New York

Long Island, New York Chapter – MADD

North Carolina

North Carolina MADD


Southwestern Ohio – MADD


MADD Oregon


Delaware/Chester County, Pennsylvania Chapter – MADD
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – MADD
Pennsylvania – MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Brazos Valley, Texas – Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Central Virginia Chapter – MADD
Loudoun County, Virginia – MADD
Northern Virginia Chapter – MADD


MADD, King County (WA)
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Washington State


Wisconsin MADD

Drunk Driving on LookSmart Yahoo Google

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