Medications and Prescriptions

Medications and Prescriptions

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Antabuse –  “Disulfiram”  Reduces desire to drink alcohol
Yahoo! Health – Antabuse – “Disulfiram (Oral)”
Celexa Antidepressant
Yahoo Health Celexa – “Citalopram (Oral)”
Effexor – “Venlafaxine”  Antidepressant – Anti-Anxiety
WebMD – Drugs & Herbs – “Venlafaxine (oral)”
Yahoo Health – Venlafaxine (Oral)
Effexor Official Site
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Lithium on Yahoo
Lexapro    Antidepressant
Lexapro Official Site an antidepressant that belongs to the group of medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
Lexapro Recent Availability Artcle by
Lexapro Side Effects  – RxList Monographs
Paxil – “Paroxetine” on AOL Search - Yahoo
WebMD – Drugs & Herbs – Paroxetine

Yahoo Health – Paroxetine (Oral)
Prozac – “Fluoxetine” on - AOL Search -
WebMD – Drugs & Herbs – Fluoxetine
Yahoo Health Prozac – “Fluoxetine (Oral)”
Wellbutrin – “Buproprion” on AOL Search
WebMD – Drugs & Herbs – Bupropion (oral)

Yahoo Health – Bupropion (Oral)
Zoloft – “Sertraline” on AOL Search – Sertraline
WebMD – Drugs & Herbs – Sertraline

Zoloft Official Site
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