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Taijiquan and Qigong Federation for Europe (TCFE)
Take Charge! Cure Parkinson’s (TCCP)
Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD)
Talking Newspaper Association of the UK (TNAUK)
– United Kingdom (UK)
Tar Wars – A tobacco-free education program and poster contest for
children that is supported by the
American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
–  “Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion for People with
Disabilities since 1975.”
Task Force for Veterinary Science (TFVS) – anti “alternative” and “complementary”
TB Alert
– Tuberculosis – United Kingdom (UK)
Technology Transfer Program
– U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground (EPG) Counterdrug Office
Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers (TAAPC) – Disabilities
Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC)
Teen Challenge World Wide Network
Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness
Telemedicine Information Exchange (TIE)
Telemedicine Research Center (TRC)
Terry McGovern Foundation
Teratology Society – abnormal development and birth defects
Thalassaemia Association of Hong Kong (TAHK)
– Hong Kong (HK)
Thalassaemia Association of Malaysia (TAM)
– Malaysia (MY)
Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)
Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan (TSP)
– Pakistan (PK)
Thalassemia Foundation of Canada
– Canada (CA)
Thalassemics India (TI)
– India (IN)
Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada (TVAC)
– Canada (CA)
Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA)
Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
– Australia (AU)
Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA)
Thousand Smiles Foundation
Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada (TIGC)
– Canada (CA)

Thyroid Australia
Patient-family organization – Australian (AU)

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association (ThyCa)

Thyroid Federation International (TFI)

Thyroid Foundation of America (TFA)

Thyroid Foundation of Canada (TFC)
– Canada (CA)

Tissue Banks International (TBI)

Tissue Engineering Society International (TESI)

Tissue Viability Society (TVS)
– United Kingdom (UK)

TMJ Association, The – Temporomandibular joint disease
Tobacco Trial Lawyers’ Association (TTLA)
TOUGHLOVE International
Tourette Spectrum Disorder Association (TSDA)
Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA)
United States
Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia (TSAA) – Australia (AU)
Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) – United Kingdom (UK)
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundation (TCMF)
Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)
– Canada (CA)
Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS)
Transplant Nurses Association (TNA)
– Australia (AU)
Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO)
Transplant Speakers International (TSI)
TransWeb – Nonprofit, educational, transplant, organ donation
Trauma Association of Canada (TAC)
– Canada (CA)
Traumatic Brain Injury National Data Center (TBINDC)
Traumatic Brain Injury Technical Assistance Center (TBITAC)
Travelers Aid International
Travis Carter Fund, The (TCF) – Batten disease
Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) – AIDS/HIV – South Africa (ZA)

Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC)

Treatment Improvement Exchange TIE
Treatment Research Institute (TRI)
Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA) – Facial Pain
Triological Society
Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance)
Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA)
– United Kingdom (UK)
Tuberous Sclerosis Canada (TSC)
– Canada (CA)
Turkish American Ophthalmic Society (TAOS)
Turner Syndrome Society (TSS) of the United States
Type One Diabetes Assistance & Enlightenment (TODAE)

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