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Regular Meetings

Tuesday – Open Discussion – 8PM at the Agape Center.

Saturday – Open Discussion – 8PM at the Agape Center.

Sunday – Open
Grapevine Study – 8PM
at the Agape Center.


Celebrated the last Saturday of the month



Carol Land Ragsdale

October 11, 1923 – February 4, 2003


Jim P., Chuck C., and Royce W., who were members of the Starmount
Group, decided in October of 1977 to start a new Group at the
Agape Club.  Although Royce died in December of 1977, Jim and
Chuck carried on with the plans.   The first meeting was
held on the first Tuesday in January 1978.

Christine W. remembers, / I found the Downtown Group in August
1978.  It was warm and friendly, very helpful and
loving.  At that time there were about 18
members.   Some of them were newcomers, like me, and
some had lots of time in the fellowship.  We had one
couple, J.W.C. and his Al-Anon wife, Inez.  The rest of
the Group was single.  It was not by design�it just

Some of the other early members were Charles K., John R.
and Larry J.  The Group meets today, as it did then,
at 8 PM on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Agape Club on
Eighth Street.  There are 19 group

Chuck C. and Christine recall, / We had one treasurer
who did not know where to send the Seventh Tradition
money, so she paid the rent and put all the rest in
the bank.   We had lots of money by the
end of her service period.  After that we had
one who kept the money at home.   He would
not bring it to us.  Two of the members finally
went to his house and got it.  A later
treasurer also kept the money at home and did not
keep records, and we never got most of it.  But
in between those 3 we had responsible people who
knew what to do�or were willing to learn.

We had no blacks in our Group in 1979, and now
it is over half black.   We are still
growing and are still helpful, loving, caring
and friendly.  At the start, birthdays were
celebrated on the last Saturday of the
month.  Later it was changed to the second
Saturday, because we wanted to attend other
birthday meetings but not miss our own.

/ We have had ups and downs like most other
AA groups.  In fact, we seem to be
about normal, whatever that is.�

This history was written in May

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