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Regular Meetings

Monday – Open Big Book Study 6PM – at the Agape

Tuesday – Open Discussion 6PM – at the Agape Center.

Wednesday – Open Discussion 6PM –  at the Agape

Thursday – Open Discussion 6PM –  at the Agape

Friday – Open Discussion 6PM – at the Agape Center.



Celebrated the last Thursday of each month.



     The Happy Hour Group had its beginnings
on April 30, 1999 when a meeting was held to form a Group which
would meet at 6 p.m. to accommodate working members who desired to
attend a meeting immediately after work before going home for the

      Present for this organizational meeting
were John, Faye R, David T, Donna, Jacki K, Ella M, David K,
Ramona A, Jose A, Noel F, Belle L and Marvin C.

      Special recognition was given to the
late Emmett and Faye R for the idea for this meeting and to Pat B,
who initiated the meeting through the Agape Center.  It was
voted that all meetings should be open  until the Group is
registered with the GSO.

      The Group itself was formed with the
following founding members:  Ramona A, David K, David T,
Chuck D, Jacki K, Fae R, Dale O, Ella M, Dan, Noel F, Jose A,
Mattie M, and Rick R.

      The first Business Meeting was held on
May 7, 1999 with the following members attending:  Faye R,
David T, Noel F, Ramona A, Dan, Rick R, Ella M, Jose A, Dale O,
David K and Jacki K.  Janet L, Area DCM, also attended. 
Elected to service positions were David K, GSR; Faye R, Treasurer;
and Jacki

K, Secretary.   It was decided that only AA approved
literature would be read at meetings, Birthdays would be
celebrated the last Friday of each month, the GSR would be given
$25 to attend Georgia State Assembly meetings in Macon and all
meetings would remain open.

      The First Anniversary of this Group was
held on April 28, 2000 with David K, GSR, as chairperson. 
Preamble:  Shirley G., Secretary; How It Works:  Rick F.
Alt. Treasurer; 12 Traditions: Ramona A., GVR; Promises: Cathy A;
Daily Reflection: Faye R., Treasurer, Chips: Cullen S and Lord�s
Prayer: Becky O  The history of the Group was given by David
K and Bob G was the Speaker.

      The Anniversary was dedicated to the
memory of Emmett, one of those who expressed the idea and need for
a 6 p.m. meeting.  / We will not forget.�

    This Group�s Monday night meeting is a Joe and
Charlie Big Book Study.

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