Back to Basics Group



Regular Meetings

Wednesday – Closed Literature Study – 8PM at the Agape

Thursday – Open Discussion – 8PM at the Agape Center


Held last Wednesday of the month.

For the month of October

Wednesday 30 October 2002

7-9 pm Eating & Birthday Meeting

Al – 8 years

Homer – 7 years


    The Back to Basics Group was registered with World
Services in May of 1980 and officially declared a Group in
September of 1980.  Founders were Bob N, Jesse C, Liz, Billy
W., Jimmy H. and Buzz.  The Group was originally named New
Comers Plus, but as time past, these newcomers ceased to be
newcomers and the name was changed to Back to Basics.  The
first members admitted after we became a Group were Isaiah D.
and David K.  The Group met, and still meets, on Wednesdays
and Thursdays at 8 p.m. at the Agape Center.  Our present
trusted servants are Clinton C., General Service Representative
with Joe Van S. and Glenn M. as alternates.  Our secretary is
Gail H. and Jesse C. is our treasurer.  Our primary purpose
is / To Carry the Message of Hope to other suffering alcoholics�
and our primary goal is / To Grow Along Spiritual Lines.�

    Present members and their sobriety dates are Ocie J.
2-13-92; Glenn M. 2-19-00; Clinton C. 2-22-01; Gail H. 3-1-00; Pat
B. 3-4-81;  Burley T. 3-24-01; Loretta C. 3-10-02; Mary B.
3-28-02; Lisa W. 4-19-91; Jesse C. 5-18-88; Pam E. 5-23-00; Sonny
5-2-02; Sean C. 5-6-02; Isaiah D. 7-11-89; Collis F. 7-3-00; Joe
Van S. 8-7-98; James C. 8-12-98; Al R. 10-23-94; Jay W.
10-4-92; Homer R. 10-5-94; Gary T. 10-11-01; Jerry M. 11-12-01;
Aaron H. 12-29-94; Sandy W. 12-22-90; Sharon M. 11-11-00 and Mark
O. 12-28-98.

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