Fountain City Group

No Court Papers are Signed in Monday’s 8PM
Closed Meeting


Regular Meetings

Monday Closed Discussion- 8PM at the Agape Center.

Friday – Open Speaker – 8PM at the Agape Center.


Birthdays are held the last Friday of the month.

For October 2002

Friday 25 October 2002

Frankie – 5 years

Willie – 5 years

Charlie – 8 years

Teresa – 9 years

Yolanda – 9 years

Bell – 15 years

Jerry – 21 years

Bill – 22 years



The Fountain City Group was formed in February 1971 to keep AA
downtown when the old Broad Street Group broke up and started the
South Columbus Group. The Group, formed by Julian B. Norman C. and
Roy P and named by Bob P. first met at the Assembly of God Church
on Eighth Street. It later moved to Second Avenue and then to the
YMCA for a while before settling at the Agape Center on Eighth
Street. Other early members were Jack N., Jim B. and Wes N.

The Group meets on Monday (closed) and Friday (open speaker
meeting). They welcome all with drinking problems and are one of a
few groups who invite treatment centers to group meetings. 
This Group holds monthly group business meetings and two Groups
inventory annually. It is active at the district and state levels.

(Written in May 1995)

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